Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower the people of Canada's defence and security community. We do this to drive the change required to solve the most challenging problems surrounding culture, technology and tomorrow's war

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AI isn’t sci-fi. AI is already here. 


Join us to learn about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact warfare today and in the future. We'll discuss what we can do to help make the Canadian military AI-ready and leverage our depth of expertise to develop an AI-advantage over potential adversaries.

MAR 02



In collaboration with CMIA.

The mandate of the Association is to foster, maintain, and promote the traditions, heritage, and esprit de corps of the Canadian military intelligence community by promoting the well being of serving and retired members of the Intelligence Branch as well as organizing, facilitating, and supporting professional development opportunities and advocating for defence and military intelligence.

CANIC: Disrupting Defence 2020

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